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Toshiba Satellite L505 laptop cpu fan

Replacement for Toshiba Satellite L505 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

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  • Item Name: Replacement for Toshiba Satellite L505 CPU Fan
  • Availability: In Stock !
  • Condition: Genuine and new
  • Warranty: 6 Months, 30 days money back
  • Package: 1x CPU Cooling Fan
  • Remark: Heatsink not included
  • We will ship to all over the world!
  • List Price: £ 29.77
  • Your Price: £ 16.37

Tips for laptop:

Many laptops overheat because the laptop fan on the bottom is blocked, and the hard drive then quickly fails. Overheating can be caused by many things. If it is not due to the cooling system then it is because the laptop is being "over worked". Want to make your laptop avoid overheating? Here are some tips for doing it without damaging your laptop.

1. Don't use your laptop on soft surfaces such as a sofa, carpeting or pillow! Any vents located on the bottom of your laptop will be blocked and airflow will be reduced causing it to overheat. Put a small book under your computer's battery when sitting at your desk.

2. Cooling base. Now there are a lot of dedicated laptop cooling base in the market, you can choose according to their needs, enhance the laptop's heat sinking.

3. Be sure to clean out your laptop thoroughly once in while to avoid dust particles entering in places they are not needed.

4. If you've had your laptop for a while, consider replacing its battery. If the Toshiba Satellite L505 laptop cpu fan has become very noisy and started making a grinding sound, apparently it’s time to replace your Toshiba Satellite L505 fan with a new one.

5. Use the laptop in a air-conditioned room as much as possible.

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