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Hp Probook 4310s laptop cpu fan

Replacement for Hp Probook 4310s Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

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  • Item Name: Replacement for Hp Probook 4310s CPU Fan
  • Availability: In Stock !
  • Condition: Genuine and new
  • Warranty: 6 Months, 30 days money back
  • Package: 1x CPU Cooling Fan
  • Remark: Heatsink not included
  • We will ship to all over the world!
  • List Price: £ 32.98
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How to Control Laptop CPU Fan Speed?

The Central processing units can output a significant amount of heat, particularly if the laptop is frequently running resource-intensive applications. If your laptop begins overheating or shuts down without warning, you can try to control the fan speed on the laptop. Here are a few ways to manage your fan's speed so they're keeping your computer cool. If your old Hp Probook 4310s laptop cpu fan stop working, then you just replace a brand new Hp Probook 4310s fan.

1. Install Fan-Controlling Software. If your laptop's running a little loud for your tastes, it's probably because your fans are running at full speed, then you can use software(like SpeedFan) to increase the fan speed on the laptop. These will give you the most control over your fans, letting you choose how fast they're running at any given time. But it isn't compatible with every computer out there, if it doesn't work, you can skip to the next method and see if there are options in your BIOS instead.

2. Tweak Your BIOS Settings. Open up your motherboard's BIOS settings (usually by holding a key like Delete when you boot your computer), and search for the fan settings. Enable this feature, and tweak any settings it gives you to your liking. It'll also offer you a choice between two regulation methods: voltage and PWM. And, if you can't connect your fans to the headers on your motherboard (that is, if you're using the large, 4-pin Molex connectors), you'll need to use method 3 below.

3. Buy an External Fan Controller. If you want control over everything, you can install an inexpensive fan controller. None of these solutions is absolutely perfect, but hopefully with a bit of tinkering you can get more control over how fast (and loud) your fans run.

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